2021 Shortlist

Building a business analysis capability

Jason Warner — Cancer Research UK

As Jason was unable to join us live, we added his answers to the jury's questions in his submission document.

Optimized Patient health monitoring and availability of critical Medical Equipment in Hospitals ensuring on-time Service of the same

Ashish Adike — Qualcomm

Stop Flipping a Coin before Release: Bring Your Requirements closer to Code

Kristina Egorova and Anna Dmitrieva (Grudina) — Deutsche Bank Technology Center

VDAB Customer eXperience Transformation by AE - A customer-friendly government organization, impossible? The VDAB-case

Astrid George, Pieter Peremans, Caroline Poels — AE, VDAB

Building a generic testing platform for education platforms on opposite sides of the spectrum.

Marieke van Vliet — Malmberg/Sanoma Learning