What business analysis achievement are you really proud of?

Tell us and grab your chance at winning the second BA Achievement Award!

What are we looking for?

Business analysis adds value for organisations! Business analysis guides and facilitates changes in organisations. Sometimes this includes large and complex changes, sometimes the changes are smaller, but not less important. Recent examples are the development and implementation of (temporary) COVID19-policies, digital transformations or the development and implementation of a new IT-system. Achievements to be proud of! The Business Analysis Achievement Award spotlights these achievements.

Some of the projects you did as a business analyst will stay with you for life. Because it was the first time you used a certain approach, because it was a very complex environment, because there was a special group of stakeholders or just because it was a very, very cool project to work on. Those are the projects that we like to see on our longlist for the Business Analysis Achievement Award.

Did you recently work on a project that you are very proud of as a business analyst? Submit your project for the Business Analysis Achievement Award! Did one of your colleagues accomplish a great business analysis achievement? You can submit those projects too. Do let us know why you think we should look at this project!


Submit your Achievement

Submit your, or your colleague's, achievement here.


Submissions will be evaluated by

Up to 5 submissions will be shortlisted by the jury for public pitch and Q&A.

The public pitch and Q&A will consist of

Both the jury’s and the public’s vote have a 50% weight. In case of an ex aequo, the public’s vote will be decisive.

What will the jury be looking for?

We chose not to publish an exhaustive list of criteria, as we’d like to be surprised. However, here are some pointers that can help you to create your submission.

BA covers many grounds. Did you consider data, ethics, processes, new technologies, alternatives for technologies, stakeholder management, elicitation and facilitation techniques and approaches, …

Here’s what each jury member is interested to find out:

Geertje Appel — DREAM Event
"As I’m convinced that the human factor often makes the difference, I will pay extra attention to how this was handled, and how it has influenced the success of the initiative."

Filip Hendrickx — BA & Beyond
"I’m keen to see how the achievement fits with the organisation’s strategy. I’m also interested in learning how the teams have measured their initiative’s success and if the first results have led to adjustments along the way."

Robert Vissers — IIBA Dutch Chapter
"As the role of a Business Analyst is not always clear, I am curious to see if and how you managed to convince the stakeholders of the importance of BA deliverables to the organization, and your own contribution in particular."

Joris Bommers — IIBA Brussels Chapter
"I am particularly interested to see how you ensured, beginning to end, that the initiative would deliver value to the business, and what was done to guarantee the acceptance of the initiative by the organisation."


Submit your Achievement

Submit your, or your colleague's, achievement here.